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Salt Communications Offers Enterprise-Grade Secure Communications Solutions for Law Firms

Secure Legal Communications - Protecting client confidentiality, law firms adopt enterprise-grade encrypted mobile communications

Cyber attacks directed at law firms are increasing. Hackers want their clients’ confidential information. From data breaches to phone hacking and communications interception, law firms have become a prime target for hackers.

A rising threat is mobile communications intercept. The availability, affordability and portability of IMSI catchers, technology for the easy capture of mobile communications, has law firms turning to encryption solution providers to protect their practices and their clients. It’s no wonder. Client confidentiality is sacred. The stakes are high.

Recent headlines have shined a spotlight on large M&A firms as targets for attacks, but law firms of all sizes and specialties are concerned. The interception of client-confidential information can have meaningful consequences in virtually every area of law.

Free mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber have made encrypted mobile communications a default setting for their users, but these apps cannot adequately protect law firms. There is too much that’s out of their control. Law firms want to know, rather need to know, who is communicating with whom on the encrypted network. Further, they need to be able to selectively and securely store communications metadata for accountability and for regulatory compliance.

Free messaging apps cannot do that. Lack of control can put a law firm at a disadvantage. Without control, “dark” networks can be created that the law firm is completely unaware of; confidential information can be shared beyond the circle of trust without the firm’s knowledge or consent. And, law firms cannot depend on hearsay to corroborate compliance and accountability, they must ensure in themselves.

An enterprise-grade encrypted mobile communications solution provides the control and accountability features that law firms demand:

An enterprise solution enables the close management of users from a central point and granular visibility into usage. Only authorized users can communicate on the encrypted network and they can be provisioned and de-provisioned instantly, greatly reducing the risk of “bad actors” using the secure network. With free messaging apps there is no central control and no visibility. Accountability and compliance features do not exist with free messaging apps. An enterprise solution gives full control over which metadata is saved and which metadata is wiped. This is critical for accountability and compliance in the legal industry. Closed user groups and closed contacts are also important features for a law firm. Users can communicate only in authorized circles and contacts are not on the phone. Without this, users can communicate with anyone – creating a “dark network”, as mentioned above, where secure information can be shared with virtually anyone outside the trusted network. Law firms want the ability to install an encryption solution in their own private infrastructure, which provides the ultimate in security. With free consumer messaging apps, users are dependent on a third party, which brings risk. Secure conference calling and secure storage of images for better team and client collaboration, better call quality, and LDAP integration for tighter enterprise management are a few other considerations for law firms. Salt Communications was created to specifically solve this problem for enterprises and works with all size law firms to protect their practices and their clients. In the words of one of our customers, a large International law firm based in London:

“Salt Communications is part of every new case set up. We explain the reasons for using Salt Communications to our clients and they’re thankful that we have this in place. It removes the need for cryptic phone conversations and is driving better communication with our clients.”

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