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IBA Reveals Mobile Security as an area for Concern in the Legal Industry

Legal Communications - IBA Reveals Mobile Security as an area for Concern in the Legal Industry

Salt Communications recently attended the IBA 2016 event, which was based in Washington DC, USA. We were very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet with many large legal practices and event organizers. The key finding from these meetings were how important it is for Legal professionals to have full control of their communications, and confidence that their mobile conversations remain confidential. Being able to centrally deploy users, whether it was clients or employees, was a hot topic of conversation at the IBA, which is of course a service that Salt Communications offer. Having ‘circles’ for selective conversations was uncovered as a crucial client offering, allowing a selected point of contact to be accessible to discuss case information, and being able to do so securely.

From the event, it was clear that what Salt Communications offers is increasingly becoming a necessity within large Law firms, in order to maintain lawyer, client confidentiality. With the M&A hacks on 48 elite law firms in April 2016, evidence shows that the industry needs an enterprise focussed solution like Salt Communications, instead of using consumer applications and outdated hardware solutions. The rise of data leaks and enterprise hacking was a key reason why cybersecurity, and specifically mobile security was on the lips of every attendee of the IBA this year.

Our interactions at the Washington DC IBA 2016 supported our belief that our encrypted communications software is the perfect fit for the Legal industry, and would be deployed successfully within this market. The IBA was a great success for Salt Communications, and our COO thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many attendees and exhibitors interested in our encrypted communications solution. We would like to thank everyone at IBA Events for hosting a thoroughly enjoyable week, and Invest NI for organising this trip to the International Barristers Association event. We look forward to connecting with everyone that we met at the event, during our week in Washington DC and New York, to form a successful business partnership.

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