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Employee Profile: Ryan Hughes – Quality Assurance

Salt Communications Quality Assurance - Employee Profile Ryan Hughes - Quality Assurance

Time with the company: 5 months

What attracted you to Salt Communications?

I was attracted to Salt Communications for my placement as the company provides a top grade product which I thought would be great to be a part of. The kind of work that Salt Communications do really appealed to me as it allows me to use my existing skills, while expanding my skill sets further. Salt Communications also covers a range of areas that I was not exposed to in my first two years of university like mobile development and security as well as making use of new technologies that I wouldn’t have heard of if not for Salt Communications.

What does your current role entails at Salt Communications?

Quality assurance role which means guaranteeing a level of quality for the end client, and to help the software development team to identify problems early in the process. This entails finding issues with the product and reporting them before the customer gets use of the product. Also, reproducing issues coming from the customer and helping to find the root cause. Throughout all my roles I have been able to work closely with Android and iOS devices, expanding my knowledge and expertise.

What is the best part of your job at Salt Communications?

Knowing that work you complete is important and taken on board when new versions of the app are developed. For example, if I find an issue and report it, it is then implemented into the next build.

The working environment in Salt Communications is very positive. While certain tasks require me to work on my own, there are also many opportunities to work as a team and I have enjoyed the combination of both. If I am ever unsure about certain issues, there’s always help at the ready and everyone in the office is approachable and motivating. The overall work ethic of the workers Salt Communications means everyone works well together to achieve all tasks and goals.

What has challenged you within the industry?

Sometimes reproducing issues that customers see can be a challenge. This comes down to different factors such as devices, connection and different use of the app. No one person does the same thing on the app in the same order and sometimes this can cause an issue that is hard to replicate.

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