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Employee Profile: Paul Larkin – Intern Software Engineer

Job Role: Software Engineer Intern

Time with the company:  8 months

What attracted you to Salt Communications? 

I was attracted to Salt initially as it was the only placement opportunity that would allow me to combine both my interests in mobile development and cybersecurity. Once I had met the team, I was taken back by how friendly, supportive and passionate they were, not only about their job and company but with how I would fit in and grow with them as an intern. 

When does your current role entail at Salt Communications?

Currently, I’m working with the Android mobile development team, fixing bugs and helping to develop new features for the product.  Prior to that, I worked on the QA team for several weeks, which gave me time to understand the product, look for bugs and try out new methods of testing the product before release. The flexibility in the role as an intern has been a highlight so far and something I’m looking forward to as the internship progresses. As, I’ve been able to work across different disciplines and under aspects of development that I wouldn’t come across by myself. 

What has challenged you within the industry?

How quickly the software and security industry changes. For someone starting out in the field, trying to find the most relevant information to learn and not learn has been equally challenging at this stage of my development journey.

What is the best part of your job at Salt Communications?

The ownership and flexibility of the work at Salt Communications. Working in smaller teams, I’m treated the same as any other developer and can see my work have a real impact on the development of the product, which has been great as a placement student. 

What advice would you give to others starting out in their career in the cybersecurity industry?

The cybersecurity industry is so vast, I would recommend spending time figuring out what sector of the industry interests you the most and start there. There is so much amazing free content online that can help you develop the basic skills you’ll need for your dream career. However, take it one step at a time, I used to think I could do everything at once and get overwhelmed. It is best to understand why you’re learning something, have a plan, and don’t be afraid to ask questions from those that know more than you.

About Salt Communications

Salt Communications is a multi-award winning cyber security company providing a fully enterprise-managed software solution giving absolute privacy in mobile communications. It is easy to deploy and uses multi-layered encryption techniques to meet the highest of security standards. Salt Communications offers ‘Peace of Mind’ for Organisations who value their privacy, by giving them complete control and secure communications, to protect their trusted relationships and stay safe. Salt is headquartered in Belfast, N. Ireland, for more information visit Salt Communications

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