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Employee Profile: Michael Bole – Product Manager

Salt Communication Product Manager - Employee Profile: Michael Bole - Product Manager

Time with the company: 6 Years

What attracted you to Salt Communications?

As Salt Communications was part of an incubator at the time, what attracted me was the array of products being built, and the chance to experience what it was like to build a product from scratch with complete creative freedom. Salt Communications in particular was appealing as we were building a product with interesting technology and a great user story.

The start-up environment was a key driver to me joining the company . The friendly team, work-life balance, and ‘think tank’ nature of the company were all crucial factors in making my decision to join.

What does your current role entail at Salt Communications?

My current role is somewhat of a hybrid. I help come up with ideas and a vision for the product, listen to feedback from customers to effectively build out the product roadmap, and my role is then to create designs and requirements for these new features. I also do a little front end development and help out the marketing team from time to time.

What has challenged you within the industry?

There are a few things that have proved challenging in the industry. As I started my Salt career as a designer, the initial challenge was getting a good understanding of the technologies used within the product. More recently, the main challenges have come from understanding the needs of a wide variety of different industries and trying to collate their needs into features that tick boxes for our entire user base, it’s been a tough but enjoyable challenge!

What is the best part of your job at Salt Communications?

I like the creativity and free reign I have when directing or designing the product. I work with great people, who are very talented, and always strive to help each other out when they can.

What Advice would you give to others starting their career in the Cybersecurity Industry?

Research the importance of cybersecurity, learn the basics of the role that interests you, and understand that although the space seems very technical, you don’t need to be a coding genius to get involved!

My advice for creatives in particular – don’t let the technical aspect of the industry scare you off, there is a great opportunity to be very creative in this space!

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