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Secure Military Communications

Secure Communications, Incident Response & Team Management, utilised by Military clients across the globe.

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Protecting Tactical Communications

Salt Communications works with large military clients worldwide who require complete assurance over the security and privacy of their communications platform, from where it’s being hosted, to who is being granted access. Salt’s Military clients require the ability to send Mission Critical, real-time information that is contextually accurate and rich in nature to make timely, comprehensive and accurate reports to inform decision makers to initiate/order appropriate actions.

Providing the capability to send secure messages and carry out secure calls, Salt supports Military clients with protected instant messaging features and a host of additional unique capabilities. Military partners can utilise message broadcasting, the ability to keep key personnel informed by pushing out real time alerts to groups of users within an organisation, and a real-time incident reporting function to ensure efficient transmission of incident details back to HQ. Users can also send Secure Reports to HQ in a structured data format which speeds time to analysis, increases the volume of reporting and improves the quality of intelligence for decision makers.

Salt has an abundance of features to ensure military communications remain private:


Securing Communications for Operational Military success

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Secure Your Military Communications