Secure Legal Communications

Used by the world’s largest law firms, Salt provides legal professionals with the most effective way to communicate securely with clients in order to handle confidential legal matters privately.

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Secure Legal Communications

Mobile communications present major privacy challenges for the legal industry. Client-attorney privileged discussions, confidential merger/acquisition details, and integral legal strategy are just a few examples of mobile communications that have been intercepted and used to the perpetrator’s advantage.

Historically, there have been countless cases of cyber-attacks and information breaches within the legal industry. For example, in 2016, 48 elite law firms suffered devastating cyberattacks on their security systems. These breaches were reportedly due to the use of ineffective consumer applications and online services used for communication and the sharing of classified legal documentation. The consequences in legal such as these are significant for a law firm and its clients, costing the law firms eye-watering amounts of money to resolve and causing unquantifiable reputational damage to their clients.


Emilia Clarke
Joe Hancock
Head of Cyber, Mishcon de Reya
"After careful review of all available solutions it is clear that Salt Communications is the only solution which takes the need for management, compliance and encryption seriously. The others often are just dressed up consumer apps or have questionable provenance."


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