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Patrick Keenan


Jonathan Blair

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Business & Marketing

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Secure Comms Feature Focus Series


Secure Message Broadcasting

The first webinar within the feature focus series takes a look at how this feature will enable organisations to send messages, share images & documents as well as assign the level of severity to an alert.


Deploying a On-Premise Secure Communications in less than one hour

The second webinar of the series looks into how to eliminate the existence of any third-party and need complete control of your organisations metadata for regulatory compliance, how the Salt Communications solution can be quickly deployed onto the chosen infrastructure of a customer using a Docker install.


Become your own Secure Communications Operator

The third webinar of the series takes a look at how to have the ability to manage third party integration capabilities, how to create separate customer instances within the one multi-tenant system and how Salt Communications can help your organisation to own your own communications platform.


Salt's Secure Communication Integration with iManage

The fourth webinar of the series discusses becoming a multi-tier operator and being able to offer your customers the ability to communicate securely on your connected network.

Generic Cyber Security Webinars

Cyber Surveillance: Pegasus Spyware - Everything you need to know or were too scared to ask.

This webinar explains in the simplest terms what is currently known about Pegasus spyware and how you can best protect yourself and your clients.

Should Secure Comms be an Internal or External System

This webinar discusses how you can communicate both internally and externally in a secure safe haven network and how to integrate a Secure Communications platform into pre-existing security systems.

Make Secure Communications a key priority for 2021

This webinar looks at reducing the risk of your businesses communications being attacked, todays businesses challenges and how we can overcome them. As well as how to approach a company wide solution on protecting both the company and its employees.