General & Message Thread Performance The primary aim of this release is to improve the message thread performance on iOS. On Android the focus is general bug fixes to improve app performance, polish, and stability. Android 9.5.1 Features New peer to peer in-call statistics showing packet drop ratios have been added. Improvements Improved UX to […]

Secured Communications - Diminishing Data Breaches Through Secure Communication

The First Steps to Secure Communications and to Prevent a Data Breach

You don’t need to be an IT or Cybersecurity Professional to know that it’s becoming increasingly labourious to protect your sensitive information against the ever-advancing skills of cybercriminals. The recent high profile data breaches from the likes of Instagram, Equifax and Verizon have done little to stem the flow of negative news stories on how major corporations are continually failing […]

Secure Comms - Salt Communications Take Centre Stage at the Privacy, Security and Trust 2018 Conference

The Privacy, Security And Trust 2018 Conference Shows Need for Secure Comms

An exciting industry programme took place on Tuesday 28th August 2018 in the Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland – considering how Privacy, Security and Trust is reshaping both traditional and emerging industry sectors, with people at the centre. The themes included ‘Trust @60MPH – Securing the Connected Car’, ‘The Human Factor’, and ‘The Future of Privacy, […]