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iOS 10.13.1, Android 10.13.0

iOS This is a minor release focusing on a number of bug fixes and minor improvements. Improvements SI-2197: On the Broadcasts screen the small attachment type icon looked squished. SI-2201: Corrected a missing asset on backup/restore screens. Bug Fixes SCSD-356: Notifications should now be localized. SI-2195: Locations that have been backed up are now correctly […]


iOS 10.12.16

This release has multiple bug-fixes. Improvements SI-1928: Added localized strings for “No Missed Calls” and “No Conference Calls”. Bug Fixes SI-2071: For a brief period when a device goes offline calls wouldn’t be reported as missed. SI-2117: Broadcast channels wouldn’t be deleted when the user was removed. Note that the user would NOT receive any […]



UX/UI Improvements & Secuirty Updates This release improves app parity and has multiple UI, performance and security updates. Android 10.12 Features SI-1541: Added ability to share files from other apps. Improvements SI-1779: Reduced the number of available burn times available. SI-1763: Added a setting to allow users to always view read status. SI-1762: Improved attachment […]

The Great Hack - Netflix documentary - ‘The Great Hack’

Why You Should Watch ‘The Great Hack’

Think you’re safe on the internet? Watch The Great Hack on Netflix and think again. David Carroll, whose determined search for answers on how his data was exploited plays a vocal role in The Great Hack: Netflix’s latest documentary on taking on the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The documentary does a palatial job of articulating for a […]