Android 10.13.30

This release fixes an issue stopping groups from appearing when sharing into the app and fixes a crash when searching contacts and changing tabs. Bug Fixes [SI-2758] App crash when no contact search results and change tabs. [SCSD-502] Android “Share to” limit to recently 5 groups.

Infosecurity Webinar - Infosecuritys webinar discusses greatest challenge facing critical systems

Infosecurity’s Webinar Discusses Greatest Challenge Facing Critical Systems

On Tuesday 5th of June, Infosecurity hosted an insightful webinar based on ‘Ensuring the Cyber Resilience of the UK’s Most Critical Systems’. During this session panelists discussed how to best mitigate against malicious cyber activity that aims to exploit network infrastructure devices. The panel of experts shared practical actionable insight to help analyse the scope of the […]


iOS 10.13.15

Updated dynamic branding. Improvements [SI-2722] Extended the dynamic branding to also change the logo on the lock screen and the passcode screen. [SI-2724] A new Setting now prevents the keyboard hiding when scrolling the message thread – useful when composing large messages.