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Secure Mobile Communications a Key Topic at InfoSec16

Infosec 2016 Focuses on the Need for Secure Mobile Communications

Last week, Salt Communications attended Europe’s number one information security event InfoSecurity Europe, which was based in the Apollo London. We met with a large number of attendees from security-minded enterprises to discuss our secure communications solution. Two things became clear from our meetings: The vulnerability of mobile voice and text to interception has become […]

Secure Satellite Communication - Communicating Over Satellite Networks? Protect Yourself.

What is Satellite Communication, and is it Secure?

Over the past few years, Satellite Wi-Fi Hubs (commonly referred to Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspots) have become the long-awaited answer to communicating with off-the-shelf smartphones (iOS & Android) over satellite networks. The major satellite network providers like Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya offer low-cost portable Wi-Fi hubs that enable data connections globally. Leveraging voice over IP and messaging apps, end-users can now […]

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Secure Comms Application - SaltDNA Adds Desktop Application to its Secure Mobile Comms Solution

Salt Communication Adds Desktop Application To Its Secure Mobile Comms Solution

Secure communications between smartphones and desktop applications expands the secure network and enhances privacy and compliance Salt Communications, the first company to provide encrypted mobile communications with full, centralized control for the enterprise, has added secure desktop communications to its solution. SaltDesktop is an application that allows users to communicate privately between computers and mobile […]