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Legal Comms - The European Legal Security Forum 2016 Uncovers the Importance of Secure Mobile Communications for Legal Professionals

Legal Comms at Risk Without Secure Communication Solutions According to the European Legal Security Forum 2016

Salt Communications recently attended the European Legal Security Forum 2016, which was based in Bishopsgate, London. We met with large numbers of attendees and exhibitors to discuss how Salt Communications can be utilized within the Legal sector to secure communications. From the event, it was clear that what Salt Communications offers is increasingly becoming a […]

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Encrypted Mobile Comms - SaltDNA and Copperhead Partner to Provide End-to-End Encrypted Mobile Communications

Copperhead Partner and Salt Communications Join Forces to Bring End-to-End Encrypted Mobile Comms

First enterprise managed solution to provide complete mobile security without a specialized smartphone. Salt Communications and Copperhead have partnered to bring businesses a complete end-to-end secure mobile communications solution. Copperhead is the developer of CopperheadOS, a hardened, secure open source operating system for Android that provides security for endpoint devices against a variety of attack […]