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Governments Spyware - Governments use Swiss Cryto to spy on countries

How Much Information Can be Found With Spyware and are Governments Using it Against Other Countries?

On the 11th of February 2020, The Washington Post and German ZDF revealed that from 1970 onwards, intelligence agencies in the US and West Germany secretly owned a controlling stake in the Swiss firm, Crypto AG. The intelligence agencies proceeded to use the company’s encrypted communications equipment to spy on over 100 countries. The Washington […]

Mobile Security - The Rise in Enterprise Zero Trust Policies

Using ‘Zero Trust’ Policies to Ensure Mobile Security

In 2010, John Kindervag, Principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc, created a model of Zero Trust. Traditionally, organisations have a security approach that they focus on defending their perimeters and assume that every user inside a network is trustworthy and clear for access. However, the vulnerability associated with this approach is that once an attacker gains access to […]