Who We Are

Salt is the global leader in secure communications. Our bespoke platform is the secure communications solution that uniquely gives complete control to our customers.

We are Technical Pioneers

We offer proven peace of mind to organisations that value their fundamental privacy  by enabling their complete operational control and secure end-to-end communications, protecting their trusted relationships and vital interests.

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What We Do

Salt is the first company to provide a holistic solution for closed encrypted communications between modern smartphone users and the secure systems they access within their organisation. Our product provides full centralised control for administrators, as well as federated interfaces into and from trusted internal services. End users are those  who need mobility coupled with the most secure voice and video calls, messaging and image/file transfer to enable critical decisions from any location.

Meet the Team

Joe Boyle

CEO of company

Patrick Keehan

CTO of company

Jonathan Blair

Head of Support Services

John Bailie

Business Development & Marketing

Martine McGrath

Product Lead

Ben Cooke

Senior Android Engineer

Ryan King

Senior Software Engineer

Niall Hughes

Software Engineer

Aws Shkara

iOS developer

Ryan Hughes

Quality Assurance

James Crossey

Quality Assurance

Nicole Allen

Senior Marketing Executive

Conor Parry

Sales Development Manager

Charmaine Harden

Office Manager

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