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Android 10.13.23

This release includes a number of conference call related fixes and some small general improvements. Improvements [SI-2615] “Burn all history” option doesn’t delete broadcasts. [SI-2633] Conference title in call fragment inconsistent when “tap to join” is shown. [SI-2632] Improve how we collect information about who is in a conference call. [SI-2637] Android should send “foregrounded” or “backgrounded” status when […]


Desktop 6.2.122

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Improvements [SI-2533] Desktop was slow when receiving/sending messages and/or attachments. [SI-2534] Desktop was slow when there are large numbers of messages in a conversation. [SI-2551] Updated the electron wrapper to the latest. [SI-2651] Call records now report when they started and not when they ended. [SI-2656] When using the […]